Ever since the dawn of the Clans, Medicine Cats and Leaders alike have been finding places to communicate with StarClan. The Moonpool is no exception to this, giving Medicine Cats and Leaders a peaceful place to communicate with their ancestors. Glimmering in the moonlight, dotted with the reflections of StarClan and Silverpelt, it lies on the edge of the forest.


 This is the edge of the Moonpool, where Medicine Cats gather for a meeting every Half-Moon. Leaders will also travel here from time to time on the quest to get their lives by drinking from the basin. The area around the pool is peaceful, safe from any predators that may be lurking in the shadows. It is here that StarClan's presence is most felt.


After drinking from the Moonpool, Medicine Cats or Leaders are transported here, in their dreams, into StarClan's camp. It is a starry clearing, and the sky shines brightly with moonlight. Here is where cats from the Clans will converse with their ancestors, typically about prophecies or Clan life in general.

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The air is frosty, and cats can see their breath. The tang of the frozen air makes many kits and elders alike shiver, their noses tingling thanks to the frigid temperature.