The Badlands are an area that no Clanner enjoys to venture into. Instead, this place, outside of the Clan's territories, are home to many rogues and loners that no Clanner would risk getting into trouble with. Fights break out often, and many desperate cats battle with each other over measly scraps of food and territory. Though there are places here that can be valuable to Clanners, they must be cautious.

 On the outskirts of the territories lies a Twolegplace, complete with roaring monsters and oversized Twoleg buildings. In between these buildings are small, narrow passages that many Twolegs pass through, often running scared at the slightest sound. Rogues and loners tend to rummage through the crowfood that lines the alley, and, occasionally, if one listens closely, Twolegs can be heard shouting.

  Isolated from the rest of the Twolegplace is a run-down Twoleg nest, seemingly abandoned long ago. When a cat is to walk on it, the ground groans and the nest shudders, as if struggling to hold up weight. Occasionally, a group of Twolegs will stop by, entering inside and shouting. Most of the shack is dangerous, but there are still various rogues and loners that use it for shelter.

On the edge of the Twolegplace is a small clearing of hibernating Twoleg monsters. These monsters, always slumbering, are different than many others, not protesting or grumbling when a cat is to climb inside their compartments. However, one must be careful - Twolegs come by every night and make sure the sleeping monsters are safe. This is a popular place for loners and rogues to hang out. 

 Though much of the Badlands is a dark place, the Rainbow Gardens offers a nice change. Located in the territory of a Twoleg nest, this garden offers herbs, herbs, and more herbs, the garden blooming in many different colors and giving off many different scents. Though Clan cats, rogues, and loners alike want to use it, they must proceed cautiously, as the Twoleg family in the nest is hostile.


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The air is frosty, and cats can see their breath. The tang of the frozen air makes many kits and elders alike shiver, their noses tingling thanks to the frigid temperature.