Deep within the marshy bogs of a dim pine forest is a cluster of dens and hollows. Reeking with the scents of crowfood and frogs, this marshy forest is home to the sly ShadowClan, where cats live in secrecy. With their leader, Batstar, ShadowClan prides themselves on trickery and stealth, sneaking up on enemies without warning. Tread lightly, for ShadowClanners are not very welcoming.


  In the middle of the marsh is ShadowClan's camp clearing. Here, many ShadowClanners will share a bite of fresh kill and talk throughout the day. Jutting out from the Leader's Den is the HighLedge, where the leader will make announcements. It is here where the Clan most feels like a family, where ShadowClan's true spirit is shown. 

Current Medicine Cat: 

NOTE: It is against the rules to know the functions of or use herbs if you are not the Medicine Cat. 

 Current Leader: Batstar

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The air is frosty, and cats can see their breath. The tang of the frozen air makes many kits and elders alike shiver, their noses tingling thanks to the frigid temperature.